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June 1, 2013

7:56 PM

WBO: Bad Joke of a fight - Bermudez vs. Torres

  VIDEO:  WBO Title Bout nothing more than a bad joke:  Bermudez vs. Torres (JUNE 2)  In Rio Negro, Argentina, Daniela Romina Bermudez, now 14-2-2 (4KO), stopped her opponent in the FIRST round by TKO.  She fought Neisi Torres, now 8-1-1, who's PAST OPPONENTS had ALL losing records.  Boxrec had Torres rated #47, Bermundez rated #7 before the fight
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October 13, 2012

10:16 AM

WIBF: Who do they NOT Sanction to fight for a Belt?

  (OCT 16) On Saturday night, October 13, 2012,  in Brandenburg, Germany, in a WIBF world light welterweight title bout, Angel McKenzie lost her tenth bout in a row,  by decision against Marie Reiderer. McKenzie has not had one win since April of 2010.She is now 4-28-0.  Is there any title belt that the WIBF will NOT sanction? McKenzie's boxing record


Sue TL Fox - WBAN

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April 13, 2012

9:49 AM

WBA Super Featherweight World Title bout: Kina Malpartida and her opponent


Upcoming fight announced to take place on May 19, 2012, between Peru's boxing star Kina Malpartida vs. a Thailand boxer in a WBA Super Featherweight World title bout.  The bout will take place in conjunction with the WBA KO Drugs campaign, at the Miguel Grau Coliseum in the El Callao region of Peru. Instead of telling who Kina IS fighting on that date, I will list for you who she is NOT fighting.  There are FORTY-TWO female boxers ranked HIGHER than Kina's opponent.

This is who she is NOT fighting in the world rankings of super featherweights according to  Boxrec's ratings: 

1. Frida Wallberg, 2. Amanda Serrano, 3. Kina Malpartida is rated, 4. Diana Prazak, 5. Ramona Kuehne, 6. Rhonda Luna, 7. Eva Wahlstrom, 8. Jennifer Han, 9. Ronica Jeffrey, 10. Julie Robert, 11. Marina Krasheninnikova, 12. Fatuma Zarika, 13. Carla Torres, 14. Maria Eugenia Quiroga, 15. Myriam Dellal, 16. Lissette Medel, 17. Nohime Dennisson, 18. Silvia Fernanda Zacarias, 19. Diana Garcia, 20. Areti Mastrodouka, 21. Cynthia Munoz, 22. Melissa St. Vil, 23. Kristine Shergold, 24. Lucia Larcinese, 25. Migdalia Asprilla, 26. Agota Ilko, 27. Judy Waguthii, 28. Milena Koleva, 29. Yoseidy Zarzuela, 30. Bronwyn Wylie, 31. Evette Collazo, 32. Sarah Pucek, 33. Zsofia Bedo, 34. Nacera Baghdad, 35. Donatella Hutlin, 36. Maria Eugenia Lopez, 37. Paola Ibarra, 38. Natasha Spence, 39. Valeria Jacqueline Castillo, 40. Marison Reyes, 41. Kristen Treadway, and 42. Lizbeth Crespo.

Kina's opponent:  Sriphrae Nongkipahuyuth rated 43. 

The point:  The above-mentioned boxers are just samples of who she could have fought---not mentioning other boxers that could have taken a couple of pounds on or off to fight for the title that are ranked much higher
in the sport....

If this is not convincing enough as to why 19-year old Nongkipahuyuth should have probably not been offered this fight, just check out her boxing record.

According to Boxrec....

Nongkipahuyuth has fought NINE pro debuters out of her ELEVEN wins. She has never fought 10 rounds, and she was stopped by Diane Prazak in 2011.  Nongkipahuyuth's last fight was with a pro debuter.  Honestly folks...is that an opponent ready to fight for a world title? [Her Record].

Need WBAN say more? Probably not.

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March 30, 2012

11:42 AM

WBF Title: Ploynapa Sakrungrueng: Her record speaks for itself - by Sue TL Fox

On March 30, 2012, there will be a multi-world title belt fight up for grabs between Ju Hee Kim, ranked #15 with boxrec (world ratings) and Ploynapa Sakrungrueng, ranked #44 on Boxrec (world ratings). [Sakrungrueng's boxing record]
 An excerpt of a press release that WBAN received from the WBF, stated the following, “South Korea’s World Boxing Federation Women’s World Light Flyweight Champion Ju Hi Kim is set to make her second title-defense on Friday March 30 in hometown Seoul, taking on tough challenger Ploynapa Sakrungrueng from Thailand. 26-year-old Kim, 15-1-1 (6), won the WBF World title in September 2010 when she outpointed Jujeath Nagaowa from the Philippines, and successfully defended it last July with a unanimous decision over another Thai, Fahpratan Looksaikongdin.”

 WBAN’s review of Kim’s opponent:  Sakrungrueng fought five pro debuters out of six of her opponents. 
 As ALWAYS,....."Very Curious" when looking up some of these "boxing records" on the net------especially when seeing a cluster of fights on the boxer's record, with either no venue listed, and/or only their particular fight listed as taking place at that location and/or venue...

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February 19, 2012

11:21 AM

Belgium Flyweight Title: She Lost 19 fights out of 20 fights…But there is a title on the line!

On Sunday, February 19, 2012, at the Salle U.L.B, Ixelles, in Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium, flyweight Sanae Jah, ranked with boxrec at #36 world wide with a 4-0 records, fighting most opponents with inferior boxing records, will be fighting for the vacant Belgium flyweight title. [Boxing record of Sanae Jah]
 Her opponent, Elena Miftode, not rated on Boxrec, has only managed one win out of her last twenty fights, losing her last 12 fights, and has not had any type of win since 2007, when in her only win out of the last 20 fights on her record she defeated a pro debuter. [
Boxing Record of Elena Miftode]
 What in the world is going on in Belgium? Two lame title fights in the same weekend? What are the odds of that?
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February 18, 2012

11:22 AM

EBU Title: Another One for the Books - by Sue TL Fox

On February 18, 2012, at the Hallo Omnisport La Préalle, Herstal, in Liege, Belgium, junior welterweight, Sabrina Giuliani, 7-0-0, will face Eva Marczu, 6-1-0, of Hungary,  in a 10 round bout for the vacant EBU Junior welterweight title.
 Eva is ranked #27 (worldwide) with Boxrec, and has apparently fought the same boxer three times in her six win record. With her other three wins, they were either a pro debuter or a winless boxer.  [
Boxing Record of Eva Marczu]
 Her opponent, Sabrina, with an undefeated record of seven wins, is not rated with BoxRec, and has fought ALL pro debuters, or a winless boxer, with only one opponent that had one win on her record! [
Boxing Record of Sabrina Giuliani]
 Sounds like a “perfect combination”, excuse the pun, for another “You’ve Got to be Kidding” title bout that we see in the sport.
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February 11, 2012

10:33 AM

WBC: Villalobos Wins WBC Silver Belt over Cueto


Last night at the Deportivo del Sindicato del Metro , in Mexico City, Mexico, Maria Elena Villalobos, now 12-5-1 (5KO), defeated Blanca Cueto [aka?: Blanca Cotto] that has a supposed and unsubstantiated record of 11 fights (only a close reported figure) fights..But with that said, Cueto is actually listed as a pro debuter on Boxrec. WBAN has no information on Cueto either. 

WBAN also did an "internet" search on Cueto fighting other boxers, and found nothing on the net, other than coming in as a winless boxer under the name of ("Cotto")

Apparently Cueto was first listed on Boxrec with a 0-3-0, and then their record was corrected (or changed, by whomever) to being a pro debuter, and the boxer that had the three straight losses was now named "Blanca Cotto".
 Sorry folks, WBAN is as confused as you are "probably" confused reading this....

Cueto was stopped 1:23 seconds of the second round by Villalobos, for the WBC Silver super bantamweight title, in what WBAN will record on our special Title Fights segment "You've Got to be Kidding me" bouts in women's boxing.


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January 14, 2012

1:24 PM

WBF Belt: (ridiculous) Irma Sanchez vs. Fahpratan Looksaikongdin

January 14, 2012 - Coliseo Olimpico de la UG, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
 Flyweight Irma Sanchez won by a second round TKO over Fahpratan Looksaikongdin for the WBF Flyweight title.  Fahpratan came into this title fight with three straight losses. This is a disgrace to have this fight called any kind of world title fight.  Looksaikongdin has not even had a win since about 2009.  
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January 14, 2012

10:01 AM

WBF - ridiculous Title matchup for Irma Sanchez


On January 14, 2012, at the Coliseo Olimpico de la UG, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, there was a 10-round WBF world title fight scheduled that featured Irma Sanchez vs. Fahpratan Looksaikongdin. Fahpratan definitely filled the bill for an "easy" win for a WBF Flyweight title shot for SanchezSanchez stopped Fahpratan in the second round, which appeared to be more of a powder-puff blow to the now four-time "straight-in-a-row" loser Fahpratan.  A snoozer of a fight which can be viewed on YouTube, it appeared to WBAN that even a well-schooled amateur could have defeated Fahpratan in any non-title bout.  WBAN also has the video embedded on this snoozer on the story posted on WBAN.

You will not have to look too much further than to just take a few moments to view the stats of Fahpratan's boxing record on Boxrec---her record speaks volumes. To summarized that record in a nutshell....Fahpratan came into the fight at the age of 20, with three straight losses, has not won a fight since 2009. Her previous record is peppered with almost all pro debuters, and she has not had a win against a fighter that has ever had a win.  She began fighting as a pro at about age 16
according to Boxrec.

As many of you have already reported to WBAN, the fight appeared to be nothing more than a joke, a disgrace to be even remotely called a "title fight" when we have so many talented female boxers in the sport that could have made this a fight on this particular card, a night to remember and represent women's boxing in its greatest form. Too bad no one thinks about that when making these inept and lame title bouts.

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January 5, 2012

10:25 AM

WBO: Boxing Federations: We Get it....by Sue TL Fox

On January 5, 2012, at the Club Saigos, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alejandra Oliveras won by a KO against Jessica Villafranca, when in the fifth round, Villafranca sat on her stool and was counted out by the referee. The two were fighting for the vacant WBO featherweight world title.

On September 30, 2011, Jessica Villafranca, fought Ana Julaton for the WBO Super Bantamweight world title. Villafranca lost that fight by a unanimous decision.

On August 20, 2011, Jessica Villafranca, fought Kaliesha West for the WBO Bantamweight title. Villafranca lost by a unanimous decision.

Villafranca fought in three weight classes (WBO Featherweight, WBO Super Bantamweight, WBO Bantamweight), all world title shots, in less than a year's time---all losses. WBO---we get it.

Prior to Villafranca fighting for the WBO with those three straight losses against Oliveras, Julaton, and West, she fought in the same year, on February 25, 2011, against Erica Anabella Farias for the interim WBC Lightweight title. Villafranca retired from this fight in the sixth round---losing to Farias. Villafranca was down in the first round, and retired by her corner after suffering a cut on her scalp.

In 2009, Villafranca fought Darys Esther Pardo for the interim WBC lightweight title. She lost that fight by decision.

Villafranca, had a reported 10 fights before fighting Pardo, with her opponents' all-around boxing records of 0-12-0 according to Boxrec. Five her opponents were pro debuters, the other five were all winless going into the fight.  Boxrec Record

Federations: We get it.

Isn't it time to stop using "Villafranca" for world title bouts?

Villaranca is now 0-5-0 (title shots) with any boxer that has any experience in world title bouts. Surely we have other boxers that can compete in the top of the world boxers that are bantamweights, super bantamweights, featherweight, and lightweight---the same weight classes that Villafranca fought for in the world title bouts.

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