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April 13, 2012

9:49 AM

WBA Super Featherweight World Title bout: Kina Malpartida and her opponent


Upcoming fight announced to take place on May 19, 2012, between Peru's boxing star Kina Malpartida vs. a Thailand boxer in a WBA Super Featherweight World title bout.  The bout will take place in conjunction with the WBA KO Drugs campaign, at the Miguel Grau Coliseum in the El Callao region of Peru. Instead of telling who Kina IS fighting on that date, I will list for you who she is NOT fighting.  There are FORTY-TWO female boxers ranked HIGHER than Kina's opponent.

This is who she is NOT fighting in the world rankings of super featherweights according to  Boxrec's ratings: 

1. Frida Wallberg, 2. Amanda Serrano, 3. Kina Malpartida is rated, 4. Diana Prazak, 5. Ramona Kuehne, 6. Rhonda Luna, 7. Eva Wahlstrom, 8. Jennifer Han, 9. Ronica Jeffrey, 10. Julie Robert, 11. Marina Krasheninnikova, 12. Fatuma Zarika, 13. Carla Torres, 14. Maria Eugenia Quiroga, 15. Myriam Dellal, 16. Lissette Medel, 17. Nohime Dennisson, 18. Silvia Fernanda Zacarias, 19. Diana Garcia, 20. Areti Mastrodouka, 21. Cynthia Munoz, 22. Melissa St. Vil, 23. Kristine Shergold, 24. Lucia Larcinese, 25. Migdalia Asprilla, 26. Agota Ilko, 27. Judy Waguthii, 28. Milena Koleva, 29. Yoseidy Zarzuela, 30. Bronwyn Wylie, 31. Evette Collazo, 32. Sarah Pucek, 33. Zsofia Bedo, 34. Nacera Baghdad, 35. Donatella Hutlin, 36. Maria Eugenia Lopez, 37. Paola Ibarra, 38. Natasha Spence, 39. Valeria Jacqueline Castillo, 40. Marison Reyes, 41. Kristen Treadway, and 42. Lizbeth Crespo.

Kina's opponent:  Sriphrae Nongkipahuyuth rated 43. 

The point:  The above-mentioned boxers are just samples of who she could have fought---not mentioning other boxers that could have taken a couple of pounds on or off to fight for the title that are ranked much higher
in the sport....

If this is not convincing enough as to why 19-year old Nongkipahuyuth should have probably not been offered this fight, just check out her boxing record.

According to Boxrec....

Nongkipahuyuth has fought NINE pro debuters out of her ELEVEN wins. She has never fought 10 rounds, and she was stopped by Diane Prazak in 2011.  Nongkipahuyuth's last fight was with a pro debuter.  Honestly folks...is that an opponent ready to fight for a world title? [Her Record].

Need WBAN say more? Probably not.

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