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January 14, 2012

10:01 AM

WBF - ridiculous Title matchup for Irma Sanchez


On January 14, 2012, at the Coliseo Olimpico de la UG, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, there was a 10-round WBF world title fight scheduled that featured Irma Sanchez vs. Fahpratan Looksaikongdin. Fahpratan definitely filled the bill for an "easy" win for a WBF Flyweight title shot for SanchezSanchez stopped Fahpratan in the second round, which appeared to be more of a powder-puff blow to the now four-time "straight-in-a-row" loser Fahpratan.  A snoozer of a fight which can be viewed on YouTube, it appeared to WBAN that even a well-schooled amateur could have defeated Fahpratan in any non-title bout.  WBAN also has the video embedded on this snoozer on the story posted on WBAN.

You will not have to look too much further than to just take a few moments to view the stats of Fahpratan's boxing record on Boxrec---her record speaks volumes. To summarized that record in a nutshell....Fahpratan came into the fight at the age of 20, with three straight losses, has not won a fight since 2009. Her previous record is peppered with almost all pro debuters, and she has not had a win against a fighter that has ever had a win.  She began fighting as a pro at about age 16
according to Boxrec.

As many of you have already reported to WBAN, the fight appeared to be nothing more than a joke, a disgrace to be even remotely called a "title fight" when we have so many talented female boxers in the sport that could have made this a fight on this particular card, a night to remember and represent women's boxing in its greatest form. Too bad no one thinks about that when making these inept and lame title bouts.

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