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January 5, 2012

10:25 AM

WBO: Boxing Federations: We Get it....by Sue TL Fox

On January 5, 2012, at the Club Saigos, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alejandra Oliveras won by a KO against Jessica Villafranca, when in the fifth round, Villafranca sat on her stool and was counted out by the referee. The two were fighting for the vacant WBO featherweight world title.

On September 30, 2011, Jessica Villafranca, fought Ana Julaton for the WBO Super Bantamweight world title. Villafranca lost that fight by a unanimous decision.

On August 20, 2011, Jessica Villafranca, fought Kaliesha West for the WBO Bantamweight title. Villafranca lost by a unanimous decision.

Villafranca fought in three weight classes (WBO Featherweight, WBO Super Bantamweight, WBO Bantamweight), all world title shots, in less than a year's time---all losses. WBO---we get it.

Prior to Villafranca fighting for the WBO with those three straight losses against Oliveras, Julaton, and West, she fought in the same year, on February 25, 2011, against Erica Anabella Farias for the interim WBC Lightweight title. Villafranca retired from this fight in the sixth round---losing to Farias. Villafranca was down in the first round, and retired by her corner after suffering a cut on her scalp.

In 2009, Villafranca fought Darys Esther Pardo for the interim WBC lightweight title. She lost that fight by decision.

Villafranca, had a reported 10 fights before fighting Pardo, with her opponents' all-around boxing records of 0-12-0 according to Boxrec. Five her opponents were pro debuters, the other five were all winless going into the fight.  Boxrec Record

Federations: We get it.

Isn't it time to stop using "Villafranca" for world title bouts?

Villaranca is now 0-5-0 (title shots) with any boxer that has any experience in world title bouts. Surely we have other boxers that can compete in the top of the world boxers that are bantamweights, super bantamweights, featherweight, and lightweight---the same weight classes that Villafranca fought for in the world title bouts.

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