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February 19, 2012

11:21 AM

Belgium Flyweight Title: She Lost 19 fights out of 20 fights…But there is a title on the line!

On Sunday, February 19, 2012, at the Salle U.L.B, Ixelles, in Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium, flyweight Sanae Jah, ranked with boxrec at #36 world wide with a 4-0 records, fighting most opponents with inferior boxing records, will be fighting for the vacant Belgium flyweight title. [Boxing record of Sanae Jah]
 Her opponent, Elena Miftode, not rated on Boxrec, has only managed one win out of her last twenty fights, losing her last 12 fights, and has not had any type of win since 2007, when in her only win out of the last 20 fights on her record she defeated a pro debuter. [
Boxing Record of Elena Miftode]
 What in the world is going on in Belgium? Two lame title fights in the same weekend? What are the odds of that?
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